HIKKI, Osaka. Photography: Alexander Yukhymets

Few interior spaces work so hard as a restaurant’s dining room, which is why concrete is highly favoured in the hospitality industry. From withstanding heavy traffic to reflecting light – and the occasional dropped dish, concrete’s robustness makes it a popular choice for restaurant floors.

But many dining spots of going beyond simply installing poured concrete floors; embracing an all-concrete ensemble. These brutalist restaurant interiors celebrate concrete and its bold character with as much gusto with the flavours on their menu, adopting concrete walls, bars, tables and even seating.

Here’s a serving of our favourite brutalist restaurants on Pinterest, where concrete is the perfect foil for flavourful food.

Etcetera Cafe, Seoul

Locura, Byron Bay

HIKKI, Osaka

Penta, Melbourne

Rappu, Singapore

Gran Fierro, Prague

Grillno, Tokyo

Sartoria, Mexico City

Lahofer Winery, Dobšice

Hotel and Cafe Mond, Dikwella

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