Oiji Mi imagines the golden era of Manhattan through a Korean lens

Earthy interiors are inspired by traditional hanok homes

AvroKO designed the interiors of this Flatiron restaurant, which fuses New York glamour with Korean tradition.

At first glance, Oiji Mi’s mirrored panels, reeded glass and leather upholstery are every inch the Manhattan social club – however, a second look reveals the Korean heritage incorporated into its design.

AvroKO based the central dining space on the country’s traditional hanok homes, first built in the 14th century and usually constructed using natural materials, particularly earth and wood. These houses were laid out in consideration of the surrounding landscape and the changing seasons.

This Korean influence can be seen in Oiji Mi’s timber ceiling and partitions, as well as its wooden floor. There are smaller references to the country’s design heritage in the form of lighting based on the shape of Korean jewellery and hairpins.

Located on West 19th Street, the Manhattan restaurant is the second Oiji Mi to open in the city and will serve a five-course menu with a focus on traditional Korean flavours.

17 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

Photography: Christian Harder
Photography: Christian Harder

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