Norm Architects designs a glasshouse for Michelin star restaurant Äng

The striking building is a new home at the heart of the Ästad Vingård complex

Michelin-starred Swedish restaurant Äng has a shiny new home at the heart of the Ästad Vingård estate – a glistening glasshouse that disappears into the Halland landscape.

The vineyard’s co-owner Daniel Carlsson tapped Norm Architects to design the multi-level building as the new home for the feted restaurant. The resulting structure riffs on the agricultural forms surrounding it (the vineyard was established in 2009 on the Carlsson family’s organic farm), reinterpreting the classic barn in spectacular fashion.

Its glass exterior dulls the impact of the building on the landscape while simultaneously framing it. Inside, the drama is heightened further by the restaurant’s inverted layout.

A minimalist bar and lounge area occupy the upper level, while the restaurant is below, accessed by a slow-moving lift that builds anticipation of arrival in the dining room.  It is built into a sloping hill, with large windows capturing vistas across the hills and lakes beyond.

Ästad Vingård is around 90 minutes drive south of Gothenburg in the Åkulla beech forests nature reserve. Since its inception, it has grown to become a total destination, complete with hotel rooms, Diners can tuck into a 17-course seasonal tasting menu at Restaurant Äng conceived by head chef Filip Gemzell and paired with wines from its cellar (the organic vineyard specialises in sparkling whites), followed by a relaxing session at Sinnenas Spa.

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Photography: Norm Architects
Photography: Norm Architects

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