Mumbai’s Ishaara restaurant celebrates biophilic design and transparency

Clear sight-lines help hearing-impaired staff communicate with diners while plants inject colour

Minnie Bhatt Design opted for a botanical theme inside new Mumbai dining house, Ishaara, owing to the 100-ft-wide window across its back facade that flooded the space with natural light.

Staghorn fern, fishtail palm, grape ivy and other plants fill the restaurant. Terrazzo flooring, cane seating and veneer wood furniture add to the rustic, natural theme, as does the monolithic concrete block bar.

A raised platform at the entrance allows guests to step downwards into the Mumbai restaurant – in keeping with ancient Hindu vastu shastra principles. A grid structure of reclaimed wood hangs overhead and lighting pieces made of steel, mirror and beaten metal also feature.

Courtesy of Ishaara

Ishaara (meaning ‘sign’ or ‘signal’ in Hindi) employs hearing-impaired staff, with diners encouraged to communicate using their hands and faces. Minnie Bhatt Design’s use of bright, level lighting and an open, division-free layout ensures that staff can maintain clear sight of even the smallest details at all times.

Courtesy of Ishaara
Courtesy of Ishaara
Courtesy of Ishaara

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