Those of us suffering from a post-lockdown urge to redecorate can now take out a Muji furniture subscription.

The retailer will be offering monthly and annual options, which will cover office, bedroom and lounge furniture. Japanese cities will be the first to access the service, which will gradually be rolled out to other areas.

Muji announces its home office furniture rental subscription
Via Muji

Forbes and Bloomberg report that the service will start at $7.50 a month, with furniture available to rent for up to four years at a time. Pieces can then be returned or purchased, or the agreement extended.

The Japanese lifestyle brand has also created ‘petite renovation’ in response to COVID-19, to help office workers transition to working from home. The Tokyo-only service offers two plans to insert a temporary office into existing spaces, one with a wooden partition and the other a space-saving desk set-up.

Petite Renovation plan 1 illustration, via Muji
Petite Renovation plan 1 illustration, via Muji

What will the post-pandemic workplace look like for creatives?

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