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Jestico + Whiles converts former Glasgow bank into a bar and brewery

Forget water into wine, design studio Jestico + Whiles has turned gold into beer with its design for the new Shilling Bar & Brewery in Glasgow.

The firm converted the 1920s former Commercial Bank of Scotland – designed by architect James Miller – into a 160-seater pub and brewing facility.

In its intervention, Jestico + Whiles stripped back the interiors of the Grade B-listed building to uncover the original design.

‘We have worked carefully to reveal the original interiors and have overlaid contemporary features that resonate with the building’s rich history,’ said James Dilley, head of hospitality and interior design at the firm.

Shilling Bar & Brewery
Photography: James Harris

Removing some of the later additions to the space meant the firm was able to restore the original banking hall, which features 20 ft-high coffered ceilings. Fluted marble columns and wood-burning ovens were among other details recovered.

In the basement, the original steel vault doors of the bank now lead to the bathrooms.

Local artist Gaz Mackay has also painted a unicorn – a Scottish heraldic symbol – on a feature wall in the space.

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