Transform a medieval barn into a modern home in Dorset

New-works has conjured a bold concept for the Lyme Regis building

Right now, this striking Dorset property is still just a concept, but it offers a visionary buyer the opportunity to transform a dilapidated medieval barn into a stunning modern home near the seaside.

London-based architecture practice New-works has crafted plans for this modern dwelling, set within the medieval stone walls of a barn on Coombe Street, Lyme Regis. Historically a burgage tenement, its walls date back to the 12th-15th centuries, and the current structure features a corrugated roof. Over the years, it has served as a carpenter’s workshop, a dairy, and most recently, an artist’s studio.

The plot is accessed via a private walkway off Coombe Street. It is hidden from road view yet only steps away from Lyme Regis town centre and the stunning Jurassic Coast beaches.

New-works’ design respects the barn’s heritage while using modern materials and bold geometric lines. Artist renders showcase an open-plan living space with a mezzanine level for one or two bedrooms. The space is crowned by soaring metal beams, supporting a vaulted roof of reclaimed green-painted steel sheets. Custom cabinetry (in what appears to be birch-faced plywood) adds a contemporary touch.

Expansive glazing at both ends floods the light-filled living area, illuminating even the deepest recesses of the space.

This Dorset property is available through The Modern House for £205,000 freehold, complete with full planning permission (see details). Estimated build costs run to around £200,000, according to the estate agent, and more information is available upon request through The Modern House.

The barn is presently used as an artist's studio. Photography: The Modern House
The barn is presently used as an artist’s studio. Photography: The Modern House
Lyme Regis beachfront
Photography: The Spaces
The building is on a lane plot, surrounded by houses and gardens
Photography: The Modern House
Lyne Regis pebble beach
Photography: The Modern House

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