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The real-life castle from Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland has hit the market for £500,000.

Gosford Castle – renamed Riverrun in the HBO series – starred as the seat of House Tully, and hosted the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode.

Game of Thrones castle hits the market for £500k
Via Maison Real Estate

Built in the mid 19th century by the 2nd Earl of Gosford, and surrounded by 590 acres of White Walker-free forrest, the County Armagh property was designed by architect Thomas Hopper. It was used as a military base during WWII and The Troubles, then as a hotel before being bought by Gosford Castle Development Ltd in 2006, who earmarked it for conversion into 23 apartments.

The portion of the castle currently for sale via Maison Real Estate is being touted as an investment opportunity: it has been partially developed and will accommodate six 3,500 sq ft apartments when complete.

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