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Radical architecture isn’t all about the new. Sometimes the most astonishing designs are those that reimagine redundant buildings in new roles.

Our Pinterest board of extraordinary property conversions celebrates adaptive reuse – buildings that have been dusted off and repurposed but still bear hallmarks from their former lives. From concerted chapels and barns to a water tank and disused theatres, here are some of our favourite property conversions to inspire your own renovation project.

A 16th-century church in Basque Country, Spain

A converted malthouse in Derbyshire, UK

Former courthouse in Avesta, Sweden

A converted windmill in West Sussex, UK

An adapted tobacco kiln in Victoria, Australia

A converted school in East Sussex, UK

Mechanic’s garage turned family home in Lyon, France

19th-century print house in London, UK

A converted warehouse in Birmingham, UK

Foundry loft in Paris, France

Converted chapel in Berkshire, UK

Rustic stable conversion in London, UK

Sleek and minimalist distillery home in Österlen, Sweden

A converted cooperage in London with dramatic scale, UK

A theatre turned artist’s compound near Copenhagen, Denmark

Vaulted barn conversion in East Sussex, UK

An old handball court and brick factory in Victoria, Australia

Old meets new at this converted stable in London, UK

A vast theatre loft in Los Angeles, US

A converted chapel in Älvsjö, Sweden

An award-winning water tank apartment in London, UK

Grade II-listed folly in Suffolk, UK

A converted barn in Norfolk, UK

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