Eavesdrop channels the spirit of Japan’s 1950s listening bars in New York

Ambient immersion

Every part of this Brooklyn bar and restaurant has been designed to maximise the music experience.

Eavesdrop’s interiors were led by co-owner Danny Taylor and are informed by his experience designing spaces and audio experiences for hotels and record studios. Many of the elements are handmade and shaped to amplify the ambient sound – following in the footsteps of Japanese bars designed to immerse guests in the music rather than the social experience.

Plywood runs throughout the bar, giving guests the feeling that they’ve been transported inside a speaker. It forms ceiling beams, wall panelling, and even support for the shelves behind the bar. LED strips emphasise the unusual structure of the space.

Painted brick, concrete terrazzo and strategically placed mirrors offset the wooden palette, although the centrepiece of Eavesdrop is its ‘sound wall’, which includes custom-built speakers, decks, and space for vinyl records. There are plenty of nooks and stools to claim to enjoy the listening experience, as well as a menu of craft cocktails, natural wine and small plates.

674 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Photography: Peter Fisher
Photography: Maxime Lemoine

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