Martin Creed's 'Understanding' at Brooklyn Bridge Park
Credit: Public Art Fund

A little empathy goes a long way and there’ll be plenty of it going around in Brooklyn Bridge Park next week.

Artist Martin Creed has created a sculpture that spells out the word ‘understanding’ in 10 ft tall letters – set to be installed on 4 May.

The work, mounted on a steel beam, will rotate 360 degrees at varying speeds, meaning it will be legible from any perspective throughout the day. At the installation’s base will be a platform inspired by ancient ziggurats.

Creed, who won the Turner Prize in 2001, took cues from the giant neon signs that make up billboards and roadside signs for the installation.

His ‘understanding’ piece will sit alongside artist Deborah Kass’ ‘OY/YO’ sign that has been on show at Brooklyn Bridge Park since last year. Kass’ sculpture – similarly an exercise in wordplay – reads as ‘YO’ when viewed from Manhattan and ‘OY’ from Brooklyn’s shore.

Creed’s work will be on display until 23 October.



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