Liz West, Our Colour, 2016 at the Bristol Biennial

British artist Liz West has transformed the interior of an office block with a luminous rainbow installation for the Bristol Biennial.

Our Colour takes over space inside the eight-storey Pithay building in the city, exploring the psychological and emotional affect of colour on the mind. West has installed a series of gel-filmed lights that drench the space in a spectrum of hues, reflected in the floor tiles.

‘Most people rarely have the experience of being completely immersed in pure colour,’ she says. ‘I observe that after moving through the space – walking, running, dancing – and experiencing every colour, people often go back to the colour they find most comfortable; they will then stand, sit or lay there for some time to reflect.’

Our Colour forms part of West’s ongoing investigation of colour and sensory phenomena, and runs until 10 September.

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