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Anne Imhof has cloaked the hall of Berlin National Gallery’s Hamburger Bahnhof in mist for her immersive opera, Angst II.

The German artist’s performance piece – part of Berlin Art Week – sees acrobats traverse the foggy former railway station on tightropes above the heads of choreographed dancers and spectators. Details of the Neoclassical hall are blurred by the gloom.

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Angst II also comprises musical composition, paintings, and sculptural elements. Tracks composed for the nighttime show (which starts at 8pm each evening) are projected into the cavernous space via the dancers’ mobile phones, and amplified by microphones on their bodies.

The work is the second instalment of Imhof’s three-act performance piece. Angst I previously took over the Kunsthall Basel back in June, while Angst III will be performed at La Biennale de Montréal on October 19.

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If you want to see the performance for yourself, Angst II runs from 15-18 and 22-25 of September.

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