Screenshot it Aphex Twins 'T69 Collapse'

Aphex Twin has released the psychedelic video for its new track ‘T69 Collapse’, featuring a virtual streetscape where kaleidoscopic structures pulse to the beat.

The video – created by regular visual collaborator Weirdcore – sees fragments of buildings emerge from a matrix of words, numbers and colour flashes. It’s the first track to come from the artist’s forthcoming Collapse EP.

Screenshot it Aphex Twins 'T69 Collapse'
Screenshot from Aphex Twins’ ‘T69 Collapse’ music video

‘T69 Collapse’ was meant to premiere on Adult Swim last night, but the music video was pulled at the last minute after failing the Harding photosensitive epilepsy test.

You can watch below, but you should exercise caution if you have epilepsy.

Collapse EP will be released on September 14. It follows a week-long teaser campaign in which Aphex Twin logos were spotted in London, Los Angeles, Turin and New York.

Screenshot it Aphex Twins 'T69 Collapse'

Screenshot it Aphex Twins 'T69 Collapse'

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