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An architect’s Victorian handball court home is for sale

Victorian homes are feted for their rich history and ornate decorations. Still, this Melbourne property raises the bar – it hosted Australia’s first intercolonial handball competition in 1873 and was later was converted into a brick factory.

Architect John Mockridge converted the property, in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton, into his residence in 1970 and the house retains its vintage interiors with cork ceilings and retro mezzanine, and open timber rafters.

The courtyard was originally a handball court, dating from the 1860s
Photography: Nelson Alexander

According to The Design Files, the house’s present owners tapped architect and historian Allan Willingham to renovate the home in step with its unusual past. The kitchen is modernised and expanded while the Mockridge’s third-floor studio is now the master bedroom. Throughout the house, it has unusual light-filled volumes and dimensions that lend personality, as well as a mix of glass surfaces including stained glass and 70s-style panelling.

What was once the handball court is now a sun-drenched courtyard, complete with original markings and views of the skyline.

Number 22 Macarthur Place North is being auctioned on Saturday 27 June via Peter Stephens and Isabelle McEwan Marion at Nelson Alexander.

[Via The Design Files]

Photography: Nelson Alexander
The Carlton property has previously been a handball gym and a brick factory before being converted into a family home in the 1970s.
Photography: Nelson Alexander
Architect John Mockridge converted the Victoria property into his residence in 1970, adding an open mezzanine into the main space that had previously been used as a brick factory
Photography: Nelson Alexander
In 1873 the property hosted the first intercolonial handball tournament
Photography: Nelson Alexander

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