Filmmaker Eric Bricker delves into the 92-year-history of the Airstream with a documentary that unpacks its origins as well as our lasting love affair with the gleaming silver trailer.

Featuring archival footage that’s guaranteed to awaken the nomad spirit within, Alumination journeys back to the late 1920s when Wally Byam built the first prototype in his backyard – all the way through to present times, to quiz Airstream fanatics on their trailer obsession.

Vintage airstream being towed by a car
Photography: Alumination

Alumination takes in the evolution of the company, from its various models to the changing perception of Airstreams, including the way many have now been repurposed as permanent homes or studios. As the filmmakers write on the Alumination website: ‘Ultimately, Wally Byam didn’t just create a tool for travel, he created a platform for living.’

Archival footage a 1970s model being towed in Egypt
Photography: Airstream Inc. / Alumination

The film arrives at a time when many are rediscovering the joys of #vanlife, and the freedom of roaming without having to worry about where they’ll rest their heads come nightfall. And for viewers that aren’t quite ready to hit the open road, it’s a fascinating piece of design history that might just help scratch the travel itch many of us have developed in lockdown.

The film has its world premiere this October, at Newport Beach Film Festival, with more screenings set to be announced soon.

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Archival footage of the airstream being towed
Photography: Ardean R. Miller III / Alumination
The airstream is used by many as a nomadic home and as a more permanent platform for living
Photography: Ardean R. Miller III / Alumination
Archival footage of a 1950s airstream being towed through snow
Photography: Ardean R. Miller III / Alumination
A 1960s airstream in California
Photography: Ardean R. Miller III / Alumination

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