Photography: Erwan Mouriac and Luceo film image

The underwater lair of a James Bond villain inspired this a floating eco-pod, dubbed The Anthenea.

French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle created the waterborne home, having grown up watching the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me. It features an ocean-obsessed villain and his aquatic hideout.

The circular floating home is ringed with windows and has a glass bottom that lets owners spy on the seafloor below. Solar panels cover the Anthenea’s fibreglass body, which, according to Ducancelle, doesn’t rely on electricity, gasoline or water.

It’s taken him 15 years to finalise the design and though he originally it to be a hotel suite, it will now be sold to home buyers for $480,000 – according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A James Bond-inspired floating home hits the market for $480k
Photography: Erwan Mouriac and Luceo film image

Inside the pod, interiors are cosy. Built-in furniture, including a round bed, fits the curved walls, and its roof pops open to reveal a sun terrace. Prospective buyers will have to head to the Anthenea showroom off the coast of France, or wait until next year’s Cannes Film Festival, where one is reportedly popping up.

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