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The Apple of Jony Ive’s eye is greener, cleaner and taller

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple
Source: Tech Insider

Apple’s design supremo Jony Ive has been busy overhauling the tech giant’s stores around the world, and the opening of a new branch in Brussels is something of a mission statement. Expect clean lines, more greenery, lots of timber and towering ceilings at an Apple store near you soon. Tech Insider has more.

Doomsday dwellings

Vivos bunker
Photography: Ryan Donnell
Source: Amuse

Life doesn’t come cheap, not least during the apocalypse. Apartments at Vivos – a ‘luxury’ blast-proof bunker in Germany – cost up to €5 million, but at least with the shelter’s winery, cinema, golf course and swimming pool, owners can live out any Armageddon in style. See more on Amuse.

Amplifying sounds of nature

Source: WebUrbanist

Nature’s little noises become a soothing symphony in the Tõnu Tunnel installation, set within a forest in Estonia. Design students from the Estonian Academy of Arts, assisted by B210 Architects, created 10ft-wide cones that function as megaphones, amplifying the forest’s natural sounds. Head to WebUrbanist for more.

Inside the world’s smartest building

Is the newly opened Edge building in Amsterdam the workspace of the future? ‘We think we can be the Uber of buildings,’ says Coen van Oostrom, CEO of the office’s developer OVG Real Estate. Everything inside the newly opened office space works via a mobile app, which knows everything about you, from the car you drive to how warm you like your room. Plus, the building has the highest sustainability score ever recorded. See more on Bloomberg.

Wrapping paper architecture

Source: 6sqft

Give your friends an entire apartment block for their birthday with design studio d&p&m’s inventive gift-wrap, illustrated with building facades from around the world. So it’s not quite a real apartment block, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Get a better view on 6sqft.



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