Photography: Craig Williams

There are buildings with great acoustics, and then there’s this – a tiny home that is also a working amp.

‘Amplified’ is the Arkansas home of musician Asha Mevlana, who performs with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She enlisted Brian Crabb of Viva Collective to design the South Fayetteville dwelling, which comprises two separate structures.

The main 400 sq ft house is made from Brazilian abaco and black corrugated metal, with 14-ft ceilings, a loft bedroom, and combined living room and kitchen.

The second volume is a 120 sq ft moveable trailer that’s been soundproofed with recycled denim. It looks like an amp on wheels, and it functions as a recording studio, rehearsal space and a guest room.

Amplified tiny home
Photography: Craig Williams

But that’s not all. Plug instruments into the portable trailer and sound comes out through the front marine speakers. The wooden deck that connects the two volumes can be used as a performance stage too.

Amplified featured on US TV show Tiny Homes Nation earlier this year.

[Via Dwell]

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