A system of ropes and pulleys lets owners roll up the walls of this wooden cabin to make the most of the surrounding landscape.

Italian architect Beatrice Bonzanigo designed Casa Ojalá – a scale model of which is currently on display at Milan Design Week. It measures just 27 sqm but can be reconfigured into 20 different layouts thanks to its sliding walls and fabric partitions, which are reminiscent of a yurt.

Inside the tiny home, there’s enough space for two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living space – all framed by the cabin’s circular exterior. Owners can go completely off-grid with Casa Ojalá, which Bonzanigo says can be installed anywhere, thanks to its rainwater collection system and solar panels.

Courtesy Beatrice Bonzanigo, IB Studio

‘The terrace is functional for the water collection system,’ explains Bonzanigo. ‘The slope of the roof rail is functional because it’s more comfortable to look at the stars from a 45-degree angle than 90 degrees.’

Beyond changing its layouts, owners can further customise the circular cabin via locally sourced woods and textile finishes.

Interested buyers can put their names on the waiting list. According to Bonzanigo, Casa Ojalá will be available internationally with the main mechanical manual system and skeleton engineered in Italy ready to be assembled on site.

Casa Ojalá is reminiscent of a yurt thanks to its fabric walls and sliding canopy
Courtesy Beatrice Bonzanigo, IB Studio
Tiny home Casa Ojalá could be opened up completely to the outdoors
Courtesy Beatrice Bonzanigo, IB Studio
Casa Ojalá – a star-gazer's retreat or a mountain hideaway?
Courtesy Beatrice Bonzanigo, IB Studio

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This news story was originally posted 24 March 2019 and updated on 10 April 2019 to include images of the prototype and quotes from the architect.

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