Via Airbnb

As avant-garde architecture goes, this ‘pinecone’ treehouse pushes the envelope on a micro scale.

The five-and-a-half ton geodesic cabin is the brainchild of Oakland’s O2 Treehouse and is constructed from steel, wood and glass. It is suspended 30-ft above the ground, between towering redwood trees in Bonny Doon, California.

Some 64 diamond-shaped windows and transparent floors that provide views down to the forest floor. A mini treehouse structure is set at ground level housing a bathroom, with composting toilet and shower.

The treehouse is available from $350 per night via Airbnb. But for guests looking to extend their stay can own their own Pinecone Treehouse, for around $150,000.

Via Airbnb
This Pinecone treehouse could be yours for $150,000
Via Airbnb

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