Folk trio The Staves play out their nightmares inside a Grade II-listed Modernist house for their latest music video, ‘Steady’.

Directors Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston chose the Buckinghamshire home – designed by architect Peter Aldington and built in 1964 – as a counterpoint to the video’s plot, where the band members witness their own deaths.

‘We wanted to juxtapose the eerie and nightmarish concept with a clean and light space,’ say the filmmaking duo. ‘The idea was to push the horror to a more subliminal level rather than force it with the cliché of a spooky, shadowy house.’

Set in the village of Prestwood, the six-bedroom property was one of Aldington’s first major commissions. He later set up a firm with fellow architect John Craig, who collaborated on the project. Its bedroom, reception room and swimming pool are among the views on offer in The Staves’ video.

‘The house has a beautiful interplay of spaces that allowed for some really striking and cinematic compositions,’ add the directors.

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