The city and nature come together at this hilltop yoga studio in Seoul

It’s all about balance

Seoul’s bustling streets seem far away from the Milmila Yoga Center, which uses the contrast of concrete and wood to create a peaceful space for meditation in the city’s heart.

100A Associates designed the wellness space, which it says ‘reflects the physical properties of a tree that has been carefully trimmed to focus on the unity and communion of the self.’

Yoga rooms are lined floor-to-ceiling with wood and framed by large windows that look out onto the studio’s outdoor space. The city’s presence can be felt via a rough stone pillar that juts into the studio – which is tucked away behind a steel entranceway, reached via a long climb uphill.

Practitioners can choose to workout in several spaces across the yoga studio, including the grass-screened garden or a pebbly roof terrace looking over the nearby Mt Namsan. The balance between city and nature is further emphasised in Milmila’s bathroom, where a moss-covered boulder supports a sink.

A stone pillar juts into the yoga studio offering structural support for the building and connecting the manmade with the natural
Photography: Jae-yoon Kim

‘Soft elements, heavy objects, and the flexibility of the boundary where nature interacts help you experience the flexibility of the body and the openness of emotions,’ explains 100A Associates.

Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The Yoga studio uses a range of textures to enliven the five senses: wooden ceilings, concrete pullars and steel supports also reflect the connection between the manmade and the natural
Photography: Jae-yoon Kim
Oversized window panes overlook zen gardens in the Yoga Studio's grounds
Photography: Jae-yoon Kim
The bathroom features a sink that rests atop a moss-covered boulder
Photography: Jae-yoon Kim

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