7 of the best tiny home rental sites

How to find the ultimate wilderness retreat near you

If the call of the wild is proving too much to ignore, these tiny home rental sites will help you silence it. Specialising in rural retreats, off-grid havens and micro cabins hidden in the woods, they offer the perfect antidote to the daily grind. You can forego wifi altogether, even if it’s just for the weekend.

Here’s how to find the best tiny homes for rent near you – or further afield.

Unyoked, Australia

Unyoked tiny home cabins for rent in Australia
Courtesy of Unyoked

Unyoked’s tiny homes are set in secluded areas of the Australian wilderness, including a 400-year-old rainforest, and a plot bordering a national park. At the moment the company offers just two solar-powered cabins outside Sydney, but it’s planning to expand to Melbourne soon. Guests will only discover the huts’ precise locations two days before their visit, and can expect views framed by large picture windows, cosy sleeping spaces, and the bare necessities for survival.

Epic Retreats, Wales

Arthur's Cabin. Via Epic Retreats
Arthur’s Cabin. Via Epic Retreats

Architects and designers referenced Welsh mythology and heritage to create this series of eight mobile tiny homes for rent, which range from a wooden hut that unfolds to become an open air observatory, to a scale-covered pod designed to resemble a dragon’s eye. The cabins – conceived by competition-winners including Rural Office for Architecture, Francis & Arnett and Barton Willmore Architects – pop up in remote locations around Wales and are designed to immerse guests in the landscape.

Getaway, United States

Getaway's Boston retreat. Via Getaway
Getaway’s Boston retreat. Via Getaway

With handcrafted cabins hidden in the forests of New Hampshire and the woods of the Catskills, tiny home rental site Getaway offers refuges for those suffering burnout in Boston and New York. Like with Unyoked, their locations are a closely guarded secret but each can be found in a leafy setting no more than a two-hour drive from the city. On arrival, you’ll find your cabin stocked with snacks.

Try It Tiny, United States

Tiny homes for rent

If you know you want to stay in a tiny home, but you’re not sure where to go, the Airbnb-style Try It Tiny lists cabins you rent across the US. There’s dozens of huts on offer, from wooden huts by the river in Cincinnati, to a tiny floating home on Idaho’s biggest lake. There’s also the option for month-long stays, for guests looking to spend more than just a weekend in the wild.

The Bothy Project, Scotland

Inshriach Bothy, courtesy of The Bothy Project
Inshriach Bothy, courtesy of The Bothy Project

Aimed at artists and researchers, the Bothy Project offers off-grid tiny homes for rent across the Scottish landscape. Each home is made in partnership with artists and architects, with a focus on sustainability. The network, which is still growing, currently offers three bothies (traditional Scottish huts used by farm labourers or as mountain shelters) including one set on a remote island, and another in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. The were designed by architect Iain MacLeod and artist Bobby Niven, in collaboration with other creatives.

Elmley Nature Reserve, England

Courtesy of Elmley Nature Reserve

Set on a nature reserve replete with hares, harriers, and herons – and just over an hour away from London – Kingshill Farm offers five cabins for rent with views across the fields. Floor-to-ceiling windows help guests immerse themselves in the landscape, and some of the cabins include outdoor showers – for the braver visitors. The larger of the tiny homes also have kitchenettes, and fire-pits out front for toasting marshmallows.

Blue Moon Rising, United States

Skyeia cabin, Blue Moon Rising

Offering just 300-square-feet of space, Blue Moon Rising’s cabins are definitely cosy. There are 14 on offer, each nestled between the trees and built using reclaimed materials. Set between a lake and state park, the doors of these tiny homes open straight onto an abundance of hiking trails and picnic spots under the forest.

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