By their nature, holiday homes offer the chance to escape the stress and strains of modern living. But this desert outpost takes it to a whole new level.

Designed by German architect Peter Strzebniok of practice Nottoscale, the 2010 home sits on an 80-acre plot of desert, 100 miles north of Las Vegas in the badlands border between Nevada and California.

Dubbed Desert Gold – thanks to the colour of its exterior, which blends with the tones of the arid landscape – the building is a single-storey T-shaped prefab, made from two interlocking volumes.

Windows of the three-bedroom property frame views of the dust coloured mountains to the north, and the flat desert plains leading to Death Valley in the West.

Photography: nottoscale / Boutique Homes

Communal spaces are open-plan, with floor to ceiling glazing and doors in the living room that open onto the outside deck, which has a sunken hot tub from which to enjoy spectacular views of the desert landscape.

Desert Gold sleeps up to six people and is available to rent via Boutique Homes.

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