Canada Earth Tower. Courtesy Delta Group / Perkins Will

Canadian province British Columbia has just doubled the height limit on its wooden-frame ‘skyscraper’ buildings as the rest of the country also looks set to embrace the timber tower.

Canada is no stranger to the possibilities of wooden buildings, with Vancouver’s 18-storey Brock Commons – once the world’s tallest timber tower – completed in 2017, in just over two months. Now the city is seeking to reclaim the title with its 40-storey Canada Earth Tower. But it will need to work quickly as Tokyo has plans to complete its own 70-storey plyscraper by 2024.

Sumitomo Tower in Japan will rise to 70 storeys. Courtesy Sumitomo Forestry Corp

Vancouver architect Michael Green told The Guardian that British Columbia’s changing attitude was creating a ‘ripple effect around the world’, encouraging further countries to relax building codes.

Even if the title is short-lived, it’s set to kickstart an enduring legacy across the country: Toronto’s new waterfront development, designed by Google sister company Sidewalk Labs, will be largely constructed using cross-laminated timber. And there are reportedly hundreds of further mid-rise wooden buildings in development across the country.

Read more on The Guardian.

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