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Bandung’s Peels Records is a sound bar with a retro 1970s vibe

Neon orange covers the walls and furniture of Peel Records store in Indonesian city Bandung, which has a 1970s vibe and its very own cocktail bar.

The record store and bar is located in the city’s Dago neighbourhood, and its vibrant interior design happily competes with the artworks of its wares.

Those that want to focus only on record sleeve design can browse the quieter all-white section of the store, but browsers that want to really immerse themselves in the Peels experience can head to its eye-achingly orange bar and listening room.

The retro 1970s design vibe is heightened by a kitschy disco ball and plush blue velvet sofas tucked into an orange nook that’s the ideal place for sipping a cocktail while reviewing purchases. Peels’ Records is also happy to pipe sounds of the era too: its sound system comprises JBL 4315 vintage speakers, a Mastersound RADIUS4 mixer and turntables.

Even the cocktail menu is colour-coded and includes, of course, a ‘Yellow Submarine. Cheers to that.

Floors ceilings and walls are all orange
Photography: Peels Records
The cocktail menu riffs on a 70s vibe too and is organised by colour with song-inspired drink names including a Yellow Submarine
Photography: Peels Records
Those that need a break from the orange onslaught can browse the white section of the store, which has a curation of Indonesian releases
Photography: Peels Records
Banquette seating offers a place to pore over purchases and sip a cocktail at Peels Records' sound bar
Photography: Peels Records

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