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Osaka concept store ‘maison m-i-d 1985’ embraces lime-coloured interiors

Glass bricks are very much in fashion at maison m-i-d 1985’s Osaka concept store, which uses banks of them to wash the space in acid yellow.

Tokyo studio Curiosity designed the retail space, which it describes as a ‘lighthouse’ for the m-i-d 1985 brand. The overriding feature is obviously the store’s intense yellow palette, which contrasts its far more sober collection of largely black and white garments.

The lighthouse reference is most obvious in the swathes of tinted glass bricks, which are used as transparent partitions to zone the interior and create layers and reflections.

There’s also a strong sense of rhythm, with Curiosity installing backlit, louvred ceilings to compliment the grid created by the glass bricks. Together, they lend the store an internal glow, emphasised by floor panels in the same yellow.

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