Photography: Eric Meander

Every part of this pavilion, shown at Dutch Design Week, is biodegradable – including its mushroom mycelium exterior which was grown from scratch.

Artist Pascal Leboucq and Krown Design created the temporary structure, using a timber framework as the base, and covering it in organic material grown from fungus – topped with a natural waterproof coating. According to Leboucq the panels are light and easy to relocate elsewhere, and the mycelium is easy to shape.

The biophilic structure is designed to show the potential of biodegradable materials, with floors made from reeds and benches built using timber taken from trees that fell in a recent storm in Eindhoven.

As well as hosting a schedule of events, the cylindrical pavilion doubles as a mushroom farm. Each afternoon they’re harvested from inside the frames and cooked at a nearby food truck.

It’s uncertain how long the pavilion will remain standing although its designers say it could potentially last for several months.

[Via Dezeen]

Photography: Eric Meander
Photography: Eric Meander
Photography: Eric Meander

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