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American Desert Dreams captured in a new photo series

Photographers Nancy Baron and Pamela Littky explore the familiar and the strange in their studies of Palm Springs and Death Valley.

Their individual interests in the American desert came about in contrasting ways. While Baron had a fascination with the place she calls home – Palm Springs – Littky wanted to discover somewhere unfamiliar.

Pool at Wills Fargo by Pamela Littky
Pool at Wills Fargo by Pamela Littky

‘Years ago I was driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas,’ says Littky. ‘On the drive, a giant water tanker piqued my interest. It said: “Welcome to Baker, CA: Gateway to Death Valley.” To me, it felt so ominous and macabre. I decided I wanted to get out and explore it.’

Lee's Gone, Liberace's, Palm Springs Estate by Nancy Baron
Lee’s Gone, Liberace’s Palm Springs Estate by Nancy Baron

Baron’s interest in desert life, on the other hand, came directly from her own experience. After 11 years as a part-time resident, Palm Springs still intrigues her: ‘Regardless of the different lifestyles found in Palm Springs and Death Valley, they are – each in their own way – brilliant examples of the American Dream and its different interpretations.’

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‘American Desert Dreams’ runs at Kehrer Galerie in Berlin until 6 May



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