Montreal’s Casavant is an ode to the warmth and conviviality of bistro dining

Cosy and intimate – with an expansive natural wine menu

Ménard Dworkind has designed a supremely welcoming set of interiors for this Montreal brasserie, using colour, light and texture to create an eclectic but cosy space.

Casavant is located in the Villeray neighbourhood and has many of the classic design cues you’d expect for a French bistro, including the bentwood furniture and tiled floor – with the latter a key feature of the space thanks to its eye-bending, three-dimensional pattern.

At just 850 sq ft, it’s a lively and intimate space that manages to feel bigger thanks to its high ceilings that draw the eyes up to a dazzling ceiling mural illuminated by ribbon lighting that encircles the perimeter of the space. During warmer months, thanks to tall windows which open to the street, expanding the sense of space further – though at its heart, Casavant strives to feel cosy.

Diners sit on orange corduroy banquettes and order wine from a custom-built white oak cabinet. Vintage light fixtures add to the lived-in, welcoming atmosphere. There are some art-deco flourishes, and to contrast the classic brasserie feel, Ménard Dworkind has also brought in some less-expected touches, including artwork by Nicolas Grenier.

If Casavant feels faintly reminiscent of Vinvinvin in La Petite-Patrie, that might be because it’s the same investors and design team behind the new nighttime spot, which opens at 5 pm and serves past midnight.

The brasserie’s menu is French-Canadian in style and is deliberately short and sweet. There are just a dozen dishes –  tartare, oysters and tartelette – that are adjusted seasonally and served alongside an extensive selection of natural wines.

350 Rue de Castelnau East, Montréal, QC H2R 1P9 Canada

Photography: © David Dworkind
Photography: © David Dworkind
Photography: © David Dworkind

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