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London’s 180 The Strand to become a creative hub – opening with an off-site Hayward show

Brutalist landmark 180 The Strand is set to become The Store – a new creative and cultural space for London, launching with the Hayward Gallery’s first major off-site show in September.

‘The Store, 180 The Strand’ will take over parts of the empty Frederick Gibberd-designed building, turning it into a hub for art, culture, style and fashion.

‘After the success of The Store x Soho House Berlin, 180 The Strand was the obvious place for us to open our London outpost,’ says creative director Alex Eagle. ‘The drama of the architecture, and the scale of it, form the perfect backdrop for an ever-evolving space, in which art, music, co-working, studios, fashion and food come together. It’s a space for ideas and inspiration, a hothouse for the unique collaborations and hard-to-find pieces that are at the heart of The Store.’

Inside 180 The Strand. Photography by Rob Low for The Spaces
Photography: Rob Low for The Spaces

It will be inaugurated by the Hayward Gallery’s audio-visual show The Infinite Mix on 9 September, presented in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory. Immersive installations by the likes of Stan Douglas, Jeremy Deller, Ugo Rondinone and Martin Creed will transform the space, above and below ground.

‘The Infinite Mix will take you on a journey through the building,’ says Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Gallery, which is currently closed for a two-year refurbishment. ‘It’s a show I’m much happier to have here than at the Hayward. This building is big enough to leave large spaces between the pieces. You can experience a really intense video, then have a moment’s break.’

Visitors will discover hologram-like installations, multi-screen works and cinema-style 3D projections as they explore the space.

Kahlil Joseph, <em>m.a.a.d </em> (film still), 2014. Photography: Chayse Irvin. Courtesy of the artist
Kahlil Joseph, m.a.a.d (film still), 2014. Photography: Chayse Irvin. Video duration 15:25 minutes, 2screen video projection with sound. Courtesy of the artist

‘Rather than being driven by linear narratives, these works are structured more musically and seek to engage us on an experiential level,’ says Rugoff. Describing Cyprien Gaillard’s intense, 3D work that will take over the cavernous underground car park, he adds: ‘You’ll feel discombobulated when it finishes and you exit onto the street.’

The Store will collaborate with the artists in the show to create clothing, vinyl records and other exclusive limited editions.

Following The Infinite Mix exhibition, it will include a permanent space for large scale exhibitions, as well as retail and work space, and broadcast studios.



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