French photographer Loic Vendrame’s Future Dust, Future Rust series finds beauty in the half-finished architecture that dots the arid Spanish landscape.

‘These places question us, and can sometimes make us uncomfortable,’ says the photographer, who began his project in 2016 and updates it on Instagram.

Photography: Loic Vendrame
Photography: Loic Vendrame

‘I found these modern abandoned places – resulting from real estate crises and corruption – an obvious subject for me. Today they are an obsession.’

Starting in Spain, Vendrame travelled through Madrid and Murcia shooting building sites abandoned when the financial crisis took hold. Their concrete skeletons cut sharp profiles against bright blue skies, with many of the structures appearing more like geometric sculptures than future homes.

Photography: Loic Vendrame
Photography: Loic Vendrame

‘This project reflects the abandonment and incompleteness that persist in these (non)-places,’ adds the photographer, who describes the spread of these structures as a ‘concrete tsunami’.

‘We wonder where we are, and what could have happened,’ he says. ‘There is just the sound of the wind that follows you, and the traces left by the people who were there just a few hours before.’

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