Courtesy of Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy/Landmarks Illinois

Frank Lloyd Wright’s 106-year-old Booth Cottage is under threat in Chicago as its new owners line up the wrecking ball ready for demolition.

Wright designed the three-bedroom home in 1913 as temporary housing for his friend and attorney Sherman Booth.

It’s been decades since the cottage was last updated, however, it exchanged hands barely a month ago for less than half its original asking price of $1m. Now, its new owners are in the process of completing their application for demolition to redevelop the site.


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There is still a chance to rescue the house, which will be granted a 180-day demolition delay thanks to its status as an honourary landmark. The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is also investigating ways the cottage can be preserved and incorporated into a new development and invites anyone interested in helping to email Barbara Gordon on

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