We love exploring the private spheres of creatives and seeing how they live, so when we find a great space, we share it with you. Here, we’ve rounded up our favourites from across the web – the houses we wish we’d visited ourselves…

Milanese designer Romeo Sozzi’s pink-and-purple apartment

Remeo Sozzi's apartment. Photography: Paola Pansini for Bloomberg
Photography: Paola Pansini for Bloomberg

Colour plays an important role in the work of furniture designer Romeo Sozzi, and his own apartment is a natural testbed for his ideas. ‘I don’t like white,’ he tells Bloomberg. ‘I am not afraid of using bright colours like red or purple. They give personality to a place.’ Sozzi’s three-bedroom apartment is decorated with a mix of purple and pink hues, rosewood furniture and his growing collection of photography.

A Nordic barn house in New Zealand

Nordic barn (c) Mikkel Adsbøl
Photography: Mikkel Adsbøl

Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl and his wife Mette designed and built this 253 sq m barn house in New Zealand after moving there from Denmark. As you might expect, natural light plays an important role within the space. The structure is capped by a soaring seven-metre-tall timber ceiling and oversized windows that look onto the waterfront. Meanwhile rooms are painted in a Nordic colour palette of dusky blues and soft pinks. See the full story via Bo Bedre.

Memory House in Vietnam houses three generations of a family

Memory House in Vietnam
Credit: 23o5 Studio

Architects 23o5 Studio were tasked with extending a small family home in Vietnam into a multi-generational occupancy. The practice carved two large private spaces inside the property, and added large communal zones to the front and back. Evoking the memory of the original dwelling, built by the family’s grandfather, its tiles and columns have been incorporated into the design of the interiors. Slatted wooden partitions can be opened to the outdoors and the main shared space features a floating staircase leading up to sleeping quarters. designboom has more.

MiH Jeans founder Chloe Lonsdale’s boathouse home

Boathouse images by Carlotta Cardana for The New York Times
Photography: Carlotta Cardana for The New York Times

‘I woke up one morning last spring and decided it was time to move out of London after nearly 20 years,’ British fashion designer Chloe Lonsdale told The New York Times. Relocating to the Sussex coast, she bought this 400-year-old former boathouse and harbourmaster’s residence and turned it into her home, preserving its lime plastered walls, oak-beamed ceilings and an original stone floor. ‘If we gutted it and fixed all of its quirks, that feeling we love so much would be gone,’ she says of her minimal renovation work.

Margherita Missoni’s apartment in northern Italy

Missoni apartment for The Guardian
Photography: Paola Pansini for The Guardian

Margherita is part of the Missoni fashion dynasty, known for its striking patterned designs. But her own home is a far more eclectic affair. The modern split-level villa in Varese is filled with vintage pieces sourced from thrift stores and eBay, including a purple sofa Prince would have been proud of. Head to The Guardian to take a look around.



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