Future Shock: new show at 180 The Strand explores the conflux of the digital and physical worlds

Mind-altering art

The subterranean spaces of 180 The Strand will flicker into life from 28 April 2022 with a pulsing new audio-visual group show exploring our near future.

Presented by Fact and 180 Studios, Future Shock brings together 12 artists that are exploring a new world of space through a mix of physical, audio and visual elements and building their immersive worlds in the bowels of the brutalist building. These are Ryoichi Kurokawa, UVA, Caterina Barbieri, Lawrence Lek, Actual Objects, Gener8ion, Weirdcore, Gaika, Nonotak, Ben Kelly, Hamill Industries, and object blue.

Photography: UVA / Jack Hems

Weirdcore’s psychedelic installation offers a journey into the labyrinth of their subconscious, with a soundtrack by Aphex Twin – a surreal ‘choose your own adventure’ with multiple pathways.

Meanwhile, Actual Objects has created an interactive, mythical, post-climate-change vision of Los Angeles in Unreal Engine for its installation, ‘Bugwatchers’. It features six human-sized LED screens – the real-life homes of digital humans, triggered by motion sensors.

As well as new commissions, the London art show will see the UK premiere of Nonotak Studio’s legendary A/V installation ‘Daydream.’ And UVA’s cult artwork ‘Vanishing Point’ is also presented as a new iteration, redefining the physical space of the building through entrancing laser beams and sound elements.

Future Shock runs 28 April 2022 until 28 August. Book your ticket (and find out about COVID protocols) in advance.

Photography: Nonotak Studio

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