Courtesy of M.A.Di Home

What this flat-pack tiny home lacks in square-footage, it makes up for in speed, taking just 6 hours to assemble.

M.A.Di Home, designed by Italian architect Renato Vidal, is an A-frame cabin that can be built anywhere in the world, without the need for traditional concrete foundations. It can be put together by three men, and comes in ‘modules’ are unfolded in order to assemble the house.

Folding rpefab tiny home for sale
Courtesy of M.A.Di Home

The cabin is easily collapsible too, meaning it can be stored or moved elsewhere in the world if its owners get bored of their surroundings.

M.A.Di houses start from €28k, and come in several sizes. The smallest measures just 27 sq m, while the largest, at 84 sq m, is intended as a family home that can sleep up to six. Each comes ready to connect to electricity and water mains, but for those looking to escape civilisation, they can also be constructed with solar panels to go completely off-grid.

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Owners suddenly in need of extra space have the option to extend by connecting additional modules, and the cabins can be arranged together as part of a temporary tiny village.

The prefab houses are due to go on sale within the next two months, and it will take around 60 days from acceptance of final drawings until delivery.

In the meantime, those that want a taste of the tiny home life can find their own cabin for the weekend on one of the many rental networks that have sprung up around the globe.

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