Step inside the storied West Wing of Somerset House during London Design Festival and you’ll be transported into a dilapidated country house, courtesy of designer Faye Toogood.

For her installation, Drawing Room, the London creative has shrouded a space within the 18th-century building with tarpaulin, hand-drawn with domestic objects in charcoal and oil pastel.

‘It’s a room that’s translated on the walls, but it’s not a room that exists,’ Toogood teases. ‘It’s cut up pieces of different interiors that have been in my life at different times.’

Toogood’s fictional space riffs on Somerset House’s heritage and the genteel traditions of English country manors, with images plucked from National Trust sites she visited as a child, as well as the village of Rutland, where she grew up.

Photography: French+Tye
Photography: French+Tye

‘It’s quite autobiographical – there are components of my life, through different spaces, from different points in time.’

These include paintings, plants and furniture drawn from memory.

‘You get a sense of the room beneath; you’re able to see the panelling behind and a hint of the fireplace,’ says Toogood. The result is a ghost-like ‘in-between’ space, where the sketched panels interact with the physical features of the space.

Toogood’s Roly Poly furniture collection – recreated in a charcoal palette for the occasion – takes on a sculptural quality against the two-dimensional backdrop of the walls.

10 Designers in the West Wing runs until 27 September at Somerset House



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