A spaceship has landed in Paris in the form of the Fairfax designed studio for electronica star Étienne de Crécy. Hidden behind the traditional facade of a 1840s townhouse, the studio’s eclectic design was inspired by an image of a spaceship cockpit that the musician sent to the architects as a reference.

He described a ‘great space with wide panels, spotlights everywhere’, architect and Fairfax founder Caroline Desroche recounted to Wallpaper*. ‘So we told him “we will make you a spaceship!”’

Via Fairfax

Working within a limited space of just 60 sqm, Fairfax have blended fun and function, inserting plywood shelves to house records and vividly coloured felt panels to conceal the layers of sound absorbing material necessary to secure the room’s acoustics.

Via Fairfax

With its confident mishmash of futuristic elements and 70s shapes, Fairfax’s design echoes the range of influences and inspirations that crop up in de Crécy’s music videos and stage sets.

Via Fairfax

(H/t Wallpaper*) 

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