The prefab Desert House designed by architects Marmol Radziner sets the scene for an ethereal new music video from Canadian band Braids.

Lead singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston wanders the modular building in California’s Desert Hot Springs, followed around by her ‘companion’ – a double of herself.

Braids' 'Companion' – shot at the Desert House

This latest video is the third time its director, filmmaker Kevan Funk, has worked with the band.

‘There is a hauntingly sombre beauty to the music, which strongly coloured the overall tone of the final piece, but it was a particular resonance I felt with the song’s opening line (“It had nothing to do with you, how can I make that more clear”) that ultimately shaped the video’s concept,’ Funk told Promo News.

Braids' 'Companion' – shot at the Desert House

‘A formal element that was inherent in this concept of reflection was the idea of duality, which proved to be another important component of the video. The setting – the use of the domestic space juxtaposing natural space – was a key part of this.’

Built in 2005, the Desert House hovers two feet above the arid landscape, providing views of the San Jacinto peak and surrounding mountains.

Braids' 'Companion' – shot at the Desert House

The 2,000 sq ft home comes with covered outdoor living areas, as well as a swimming pool and fire pit. It was designed for Leo Marmol, managing principal of Marmol Radziner, and his wife.

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