Marcel Breuer Us Embassy
Credit: Smithsonian Archives for American Art

Marcel Breuer’s Brutalist American embassy building in The Hague, Holland, could become home to a new MC Escher museum.

The Hague Municipal Museum is eyeing up the 1958 structure for its extensive collection of works by the graphic artist, with embassy staff moving to a new site in 2017.

‘Only a small investment is needed in order to house the collection in it,’ Benno Tempel, director of The Hague Municipal Museum, told Dutch news site Volkskrant. ‘By moving the Escher collection into the embassy building, we can establish a museum quarter in The Hague.’

The MC Escher collection is currently displayed at the nearby Lange Voorhout Palace. If the move goes ahead, the palace would be able to bring in The Hague Municipal Museum’s collection of Delftware pottery, the second largest in the world after the Rijksmuseum.

Tempel said he hopes the added draw of Breuer’s architecture could attract more visitors to the museum. Escher in the Palace pulls in 130,000 people a year.



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