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What’s the world’s most haunted city?

Kolmanskop in Namibia. Photography: Damien du Toit

From an abandoned mining town in the Namibian desert to the cobbled streets of Prague – where a headless Templar Knight is said to trot by night – The Guardian takes a look at the go-to destinations for the paranormally inclined.

The architecture of horror…

A still from High Rise
A still from High Rise, via FastCo Design

Fastco examines films subverting the traditional horror house and swapping it for something even more terrifying. Think gentrified tower blocks, futuristic spaceships where ‘no one can hear you scream’ and most frightening of all? Life in the suburbs. *Shudder*

The Big Apple looks spookily clean

Photography: Marc Yankus
Photography: Marc Yankus

New York is filled with architectural gems, from Flatiron high-rises to glistening glass towers, but it can be tough to see them past the cars, people – and dirt. Photographer Marc Yankus has done just that, creating the Big Apple’s pristine doppelgänger in Photoshop. ‘I’m creating my vision of the city, making it closer to my perfection,’ he says. See the eerie series on Wired.

Vertical walking

You know which ‘everyday design’ could really use a refresh? The staircase. That’s according to designers at Rombout Frieling Lab, which has created a prototype for a ‘vertical staircase’ that lifts users through the air from level to level. It uses less energy than an elevator, takes up less space than a staircase and means you’re still getting that vital bit of exercise – but it looks rather scary if we’re honest. Find out more on ArchDaily.

Little big worlds

Via Curbed
Via Curbed

Real life or miniature toy town? Berlin-based filmmaker Joerg Daiber has travelled the world turning cities like Chicago and Hong Kong into cute, comic versions of themselves via tilt shift photography. Head to Curbed to find out how he does it.

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