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Beirut’s rooftop BAU bar is a neon-lit nod to the city’s historic architecture

Fluorescent arches and stripes of neon light frame the views at this rooftop bar in Beirut, which is designed as a contemporary take on Asian temples.

Local practice Rabih Geha Architects designed BAU, using high walls and a bold red colour palette that contrasts the surrounding skyline. Crimson light dominates the bar’s interiors, but there are also flashes of greens and yellows that prevent it from becoming overwhelming.

Photography: Tony Elieh/ BAU

They have also replicated the small passages that often wrap around the central space in temples, meaning the bar’s entered via a narrow, red-walled corridor – that is, after guests have sailed upon the neon-lit glass elevator.

Photography: Tony Elieh/ BAU

According to the practice, the Mesopotamian goddess Bau was an important point of reference for the design, which means they’ve also installed a sculpture of the deity behind the bar, surrounding it with leafy plants.

BAU Beirut, Bloc Market, Biel Waterfront, Beirut, Lebanon

Photography: Tony Elieh/ BAU

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