A Tuscan stable is reborn as an industrial loft with a secret swimming pool

Old meets new – with staggering results

Umamma means a ‘moment of wonder’ in Italian – and it describes the experience of stepping inside this industrial loft in the medieval Tuscan town of San Miniato.

The one-bedroom Italian holiday home is the passion project of owner Giovanni Settesoldi, a creative director in the advertising world. He spent seven years perfecting the Tuscan bolthole in collaboration with architect Gabriele Evangelisti.

Umamma is part of a converted 16th-century palazzo and sits inside the former stable – later used as a nightclub. Historic bones, including arched doorways, exposed brickwork and a pebbled floor, have been matched with sleek new additions. These include steel framed glass windows which peek onto the Tuscan countryside; a stainless steel kitchen; and midcentury modern furnishings.

A Tuscan stable is reborn as a industrial loft with secret swimming pool
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes

The Tuscan holiday home is available to rent via BoutiqueHomes from €295 per night and Settesoldi has also added unexpected features such as a door handle created from an upcycled industrial wheel used to cut prosciutto.

But that’s not all – a trapdoor in the bedroom floor leads to its most ‘umamma’ feature of all… a  secret swimming pool that has won a cache of awards for its staggering design.

A plunge pool is hidden in a vaulted cellar beneath the loft
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes
Its owner carved up the space using steel framed glass partitions
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes
Pebbled floors and red brick walls are on show in the shaded balcony area
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes
New full-height glass doors lead to a shaded balcony area with pebbled floors
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes

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