Photography: Ed Reeve

Guava, mango and pineapple are thriving inside this miniature glasshouse in east London, installed by Studio Weave as part of the London Design Festival to highlight climate change.

The installation, entitled Hothouse, looks ahead to 2050 when rising temperatures could mean many Londoners will be able to grow new, tropical species in their backyards.

There’s just enough space for one person, observing social distancing, to step inside the greenhouse, planted with the kind of greenery not usually found in the capital. The structure’s arched shape is designed to mimic a tropical climate by drawing the warm air to the top. At night time, lights inside mean passersby can still admire the plants.

Located close to Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Studio Weave’s installation references the nearby Lea Valley’s history. The area was home to a 20-mile stretch of greenhouses in the 1930s, which kept Londoners supplied with tomatoes, cucumbers and grapes.

Studio Weave 'Hothouse' shows the impact on global warming in the UK capital
Photography: Ed Reeve

Hothouse will remain in Stratford’s Redman Place for a year before moving to a new permanent location.

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Photography: Ed Reeve

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