6 skateparks pushing the sport to new design heights

Where form meets function

Skateboarding made its historic debut at this summer’s Olympic Games – a milestone for the sport, which started as an offshoot of California’s surfing scene in the late 1940s.

While the first boards had roller skate wheels and rudimentary wooden planks, skateboarding has evolved into a sophisticated sport with global appeal and birthing an entire subculture, encompassing music, fashion, art and architecture, in the process.

Photography: Olympics

It’s unlikely that purpose-built skateparks will ever completely replace the appeal of greased up curbs or empty swimming pools. Still, these designated facilities offer challenges of their own: complex fixtures, ramps and towering half-pipes conceived to challenge a new generation of skaters.

Many of the world’s best skateparks are located in the USA,  crafted by the likes of California Skateparks, Spohn Ranch, Gridline and Dreamland. But some of the most design-forward are dotted around the globe, and they’re reimagining the sport’s relationship with design.

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