San Francisco’s Mamahuhu serves up Chinese American cuisine with a retro twist

Studio BBA’s minimalist interiors have playful pops of colour

Diners devour mapo tofu and kung pao chicken in retro wooden booths at San Francisco’s Mamahuhu, which is a playful take on Chinese-American dining.

Mamahuhu has embraced a casual atmosphere for its Clement Street restaurant, working with local practice Studio BBA to complete the interiors. The space is uncluttered, with details kept to a minimum in favour of flashes of colour instead.

Diners sit beneath forest green lights, contrasted by red leather padded seat rests, and green tiles. Dark red paint butts up against bright white walls hung with playfully illustrated interpretations of tigers and horses – a reference to the restaurant’s name, which translates literally as ‘horse horse tiger tiger.’

Mamahuhu’s menu is small but filled with classic Chinese-American dishes made with local, organically grown produce.

517 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Photography: Molly Mandell
Photography: Mariko Reed
Photography: Mariko Reed

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