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Freeform 1970s design is on offer at this time-capsule Oregon beach house

It’s all about the angles at this freeform Oregon beach house, designed in 1979 as a one-of-a-kind sculptural hideaway that still turns heads 45 years on.

Known locally as the ‘Hippie House’, the cabin is located on Salishan Spit, just north of Gleneden Beach – an exclusive enclave that originally was divided over its unorthodox design by architect Don Vallaster from firm Church & Shiels. Still, planning permission was granted, and the Hippie House would go on to grace the pages of National Geographic for its radical design.

It’s now offered for sale for $759,000 via Karla Kuhlenbeck of Windermere Distinctive Coastal Properties. It’s a time capsule of 1970s design at its most adventurous.

The Salishan home is described as ‘free form’ because it doesn’t have a set shape—instead, its walls and windows are all set at angles. Its silhouette is unmistakeably geometric, even if it’s not explicitly dome or prism.

Stone floors and angular timber plank walls
Credit: Central Coast Real Estate Photography

This delicious subversion of expectation continues inside, where the two-bedroom cabin has slate rock and wooden floors, plus timber-clad walls, with planks going off in all directions. Its multi-level floor plan includes a sunken living room, its windows level with the grassy dunes.

Built-in cabinetry is on every level, including the kitchen and interior staircase, with ladders and a series of built-in cubbies. There’s also a sauna, and the house’s irregular windows are positioned to capture views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean beyond, connecting inhabitants to the landscape.

The Hippie House at 321 Salishan Drive is obeing ffered for sale for the first time ever —erhaps the biggest testament to its free-thinking design.

[Source: PDX Monthly]

The living room is set around a large iron fireplace
Credit: Central Coast Real Estate Photography
The kitchen has built in original cabinetry
Credit: Central Coast Real Estate Photography
The entrance to the cabin, with is surrounded by grassy dunes
Credit: Central Coast Real Estate Photography
Aerial view of the beach house's angular facade
Credit: Central Coast Real Estate Photography

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