Edoardo Tresoldi builds an ethereal colonnade on Reggio Calabria’s seafront

‘Opera’ uses classical forms to reframe the landscape

Artist Edoardo Tresoldi has unveiled his latest ethereal installation on Reggio Calabria’s seafront – a ghostly colonnade that frame views across the Strait of Messina.

The Italian sculptor built 46 towering eight-meter-tall columns out of transparent wire mesh – his signature material – for the installation, erecting them in rows between Mediterranean trees and shrubbery in the seafront park.

Dubbed Opera, the ghostly artwork seeks ‘to celebrate the contemplative relationship between place and human beings through the language of classical architecture and the transparency of the Absent Matter,’ explains the artist.

The installation can be explored and celebrates the relationship between man and place through the use of classical archetypes. It also allows visitors to experience the views of the Mediterranean and Sicily from a new and meditative perspective, framed by the translucent towering columns.

Photography: © Roberto Conte

The artwork is Tresoldi’s second installation in Calabria after Il Collezionista di Venti (The Winds Collector) in Pizzo Calabro, and his second permanent public installation in Italy after the Basilica of Siponto in Puglia.

‘Opera’, Falcomatà seafront, Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Photography: © Roberto Conte
Photography: © Roberto Conte
Photography: © Roberto Conte

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