Photography: Matthew Carbone

BIG has joined the tiny house craze, designing an angular A-frame cabin for property startup Klein.

A45 Klein was created in collaboration with Bjarke Ingels and Klein’s founder, designer Søren Rose. It clocks in at just 17 sq m, taking the traditional A-frame design and rotating it 45 degrees to create a soaring volume.

The triangular hut is clad in dark wood and features a fully glazed end which surrounds a single open-plan living area and sleeping space lined with cork. Essentials include a tiny kitchen area with sink and hob, a wood burning stove, and a cedar-panelled bathroom. Solar panels power the tiny home.

BIG founder Bjarke Ingels describes the interiors of the prototype hut – which has been installed in New York’s Hudson Valley – as epitomising ‘hyggelig comfort’. However buyers can customise both the interior and exterior of their own A45, which is delivered in several modules and assembled on site.

Photography: Matthew Carbone

The tiny home can be built without heavy machinery, meaning it can be installed in rural locations. A wilderness hotel has reportedly already purchased a number of the cabins, although the house doesn’t appear to be available to the public yet.

Klein plans to launch a number of prefab designs by big-name architects, which can be shipped around the world. Søren Rose also intends to work with experts in automation, water consumption and solar power to focus on crafting eco-friendly off-grid homes.

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